Our programs

Core Classes

2 year old class: "Caterpillars"

We  have a very special program for our 2 year olds. Our Caterpillar  curriculum is specially designed as a gentle introduction to the school  environment that encourages the high-energy and curiosity of this very  active age group. Developmentally appropriate "mini-lessons" are loosely  based on monthly themes and concepts. The children experience a school  routine, practice sharing, taking turns, and caring for materials.  Captivating games and hands-on activities provide opportunities for  building expressive and receptive language skills while refining gross  motor skills and dexterity. Our focus on socialization and friendship  creates a safe, nurturing environment in which our youngest students  have fun and foster friendships while preparing for the formal  pre-school experience.

3 year old class: "Butterflies"

This  group of 3-year old preschoolers learn through imaginative play, games,  scientific exploration, critical thinking, movement and social play.  Our monthly units and concepts are presented in small groups of 5  children so learning is focused and positive. Important experiential  skills are developed through fun hands-on activities. In our play area,  two teachers per 10 children help guide your child to more independent  social and self-help skills  as they explore a variety of toys. We  encourage using good manners, verbal expression of feelings, and peer  respect, which fosters good friendship and basic life skills. While  playing, children learn to observe, engage, problem solve, and relate to  others.


3 1/2 - 4 year old class: "Ladybugs"

Our  Ladybug group is designed for 3 1/2 - 4 year olds who miss the public  school district's cut-off for kindergarten (5 years old by October 1st).  The perfect transition between preschool and pre-kindergarten, Ladybugs  enjoy exciting theme-based learning as they acquire pre-academic skills  and classroom skills that will ensure school success.

Pre-K classes: 
"Dinos" and "Dolphins"

The  Learning Tree's pre-kindergarten program addresses all areas of a  child's development and prepares children for kindergarten. Our  nurturing and caring environment enables children to grow cognitively,  socially, emotionally, and physically, in addition to promoting language  development. We follow a daily routine that offers a variety of  activities including reading, art, music, dramatic play, science  activities, outdoor play, and more. Children have opportunities to  select what they want to do during their daily routine. We vary our  instruction methods to address the children's individual needs and  different learning styles. We frequently work with the children  individually and in small groups of 3 or 4 and we provide many  opportunities for hands-on learning. The Annex is the room where  students experience the structured part of their day. Some of the  activities held specifically in the Annex include carpet time, the Alpha  Tales program, thematic unit lessons, listening center days, and  learning stations. Numerous centers with interesting materials also  encourage learning. The pre-kindergarten program at The Learning Tree  lays the foundation for future academic success.

Supplemental Classes


These classes are designed to complement our core preschool and pre-k classes and are geared toward the 3, 4, and 5 year olds. These classes are designed for children who could use more time in a school setting, in  addition to their core preschool or pre-k class. These classes will provide opportunities for group dynamics, individual support, and  extended reinforcement of concepts and units.

These  classes engage children in a wide variety of enriching activities that  are based on a monthly theme. Some of the themes have included: transportation, simple physics, storytelling, cooperative games, movement and music, rocks & minerals, cooking, an author study, pond life, and more. All units include language arts, math,  science, social studies, art, and music experiences as well as dramatic  play, fine and gross motor activities and more. 

These classes have the benefit of allowing time for the  "teachable moment". These are spontaneous, immediate, and related to the  interest level of the child.